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My Chemical Romance - Life On The Murder Scene 
The Blackout - Hope
Panic! At The Disco - Pretty Odd
Panic! At The Disco - Live In Chicago
A Day To Remember - Homesick
All Time Low - Straight To DVD
You Me At Six - Take Off Your Colours
Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree

2x Crown The Empire set lists

4x Pierce The Veil picks (Vic, Tony x2 and Jaime)

4x The Summer Set picks

4x Kerrang! magazines

Kerrang! 2013 calender

2x SIGNED We At The In Crowd T-shirts

2x SIGNED Mayday Parade posters

1x SIGNED Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil) Drumstick

2x  Panic! At The Disco hat 

1x SIGNED Of Mice & Men ticket (Signed by Matty Mullins - Memphis May Fire and Xander Bourgeois - Secrets)





(We will be checking)

  • Can reblog as many times as you want but don’t get sassy with me I don’t want that shit on my dashboard 24/7
  • Likes do not count (Sorry) 
  • Will ship anywhere (even narnia) 
  •  Ends on 14th of March 
  • I’ll be using a random number generator thing to pick the winner so it’s fair 
Good luck!

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